Note:This item is an event only item and is currently unavailable.
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Islands found on


Method of Obtaining



Can be opened for an item

  The Gift is an event-only item in Survival 303.


When opening a gift, it's possible to get any craftable item in the game, although natural resources cannot be obtained.


In 2012, you could get this from Santa on Bento island, who could be found standing in front of the Holiday Tree. Once you got a gift you had to wait 10 minutes until you could get another. The tools you got were at random.


In 2013, gifts spawned under a random holiday tree every so often, leading to the creation of forests made of Christmas trees to attempt to get all the gifts. To claim it, on had to click on it and it would be put in their inventory. You could place it again and click on it to open it, or you can share it with a friend, where the opener and the person who claimed it get the gift.

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