Note:This is an event-only item, and is currently unavailable
Gilded Candy Cane
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Stats gained per portion


Islands found on

Plateau Island

Method of Obtaining



Food item

A Gilded Candy Cane is an event-only food item in Survival 303.


The Gilded Candy Cane is a special item available during the 2013 Christmas event. It has a golden/red color and can be found inside of the cave across the parkour stones on Plateau Island. It only spawns in groups of three with only one group. When consumed, the Gilded Candy Cane will restore 50 hunger points, making them a tough find, but great, especially as it can serve as a viable food source for small numbers of survivors. Unlike the original candy cane, it cannot be farmed, making them even more valuble than they already are. They respawn every 64 minutes, which will not be a reliable food source.

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