Gold! Glorious Gold!

Islands found on

Old Map: Goldrock Island, Mainland, Spire Island, Rockma Island, Spring Island and Desert Island

New Map: Overhang Bay, and Harbor Island

Method of Obtaining



Gold Coins, Gold Jug, Some mithril tools

Gold is an ore in Survival 303.


Gold is one type of Ore that is found in Survival 303. It is a valuable and sought-after element, in the leagues of Steel and Mithril. It is used to create Gold Coins, Gold Jugs, and some mithril tier tools, namely Mithril Swords, Mithril Armor (along with the reinforced variety). It looks very similar to Sulphur, the only difference being that it has a slightly brighter tinge, and is found in different locations.


  • (April Fools' Day) Halofan987123 said he added gold tools, along with unicorns and villagers. Of course this was a joke.

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