Gold Coin
Gold Coin
Its so shiny...


Coin Press + Refined Gold

Skill Requirements

Currently Unknown


Economies, Showing Off, Making People

A Gold Coin is an item in Survival 303.


Gold coins are a generally useless item unless someone has managed to get the entire server to accept them as a currency. It is made by combining gold with a coin press . Most of the time people will not accept them, as they are almost useless except when you have multiple traders who all accept gold coins for resources, and merchants will almost never accept them unless a lot of the server uses them. Having a currency system with Gold coins can make you and your tribe seem more civilised, however counterfeiting is easy and getting enough gold for your coins and having your tribe accept them is a lot harder than you would think. It is convenient to have a form of currency, but most people just prefer to trade resources. They are only used in one recipe, the person building. They also spawn at the shipwreck.

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