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Goldrock Island
Goldrock Island
Goldrock or Lynx Island, the smallest island.
Size Very small
Plants A single tree, bushes, flax plants, a dead bush
Animals Field Lynx
Elevation Low, small hills
Bodies of Water Puddle by the flax plants, saltwater by bushes
Rocks and Ores Two small gold veins and a few rock piles, and some Chromite
Spawn? No

Goldrock Island is an island in Survival 303.


Goldrock Island, also known as Lynx island, is a small, grass based island near Desert IslandParadise Island, and Teraphyx Island with small hills and sparse vegetation. It is also the one of two islands with flax plants, other than Flax Island. In one corner there is a tiny rock cave, which is where the two field lynx live. Around the cave are two gold veins, and on top are some rocks. The lynx will only attack after being hit, and they have low health. They drop lynx fur when killed, which is used for the quiver. There's also a puddle of fresh water and a puddle of saltwater.

This island is very rarely visited, because there is very little food and space. It is also quite far from all of the other islands; the closest is Desert, which is rarely visited as well. If you want to live here, don't plan on making a large tribe, as there is only room for one, resourceful, person. It, however, is great for people from desert island who need wood or normal stone.

Large deposits of lynx fur can be found in the ocean surrounding the island, due to the lynx wandering until they fall into the ocean and drown. As a result, it is a highly effective way of mass-producing lynx fur.

Survival Tips

Main article: Guides:Goldrock Island

If you're a natural soloist, paranoid about raiders, or just need some peace, Goldrock Island is the perfect place for you. However, you'll have to adapt well to survive here.

Before you come, get your farming, fishing, and architecture skills fairly high. Cooking is a good skill here too. First of all, there's barely any room for buildings. You should build a couple of harbors so you can fish. Farming wheat just around the fresh water can help save space. Use stoves to cook things and save space. Only farm what's necessary, and build upward.  There's not enough room for medieval or palisade walls, so cacti or spear walls should be used, if you still feel like you need walls in such an isolated place.

Trading is difficult, but if you have a travelling merchant or a reliable tribe on Desert, Paradise, or Teraphyx take advantage of it and set up a stable trading route. You can trade fish, lynx furs, flax, and gold for weapons, armor, and food.

Pros and Cons


  • No spawn
  • Far away from other islands
  • Rarely visited
  • Uncommon resources (flax, chromite, lynx)


  • Very little food (Flax)
  • Very little space
  • Limited resources (wood, stone)
  • Far away from other islands

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