Prone to spontaneous combustion.
Recipe Sulphur + Charcoal x2
Crafting Station Quality Design Table
Uses Bombs, raw explosives, trading

Gunpowder is an explosive item in Survival 303.


Gunpowder is an item used to make bombs, and shares the distinction (along with bombs) of being the only items that explode, propelling items outward when lit on fire. Gunpowder is a highly sought after commodity, and can fetch a good price when traded for other items, especially if the buyers of gunpowder are raiders, or a tribe at war with another. The resources used to make gunpowder are found at Canyon, SpireParadiseMagma and the Volcano. Creating gunpowder advances the chemistry skill, which is important for making herbal remedies and poison. Gunpowder, depending on your distance from it when it explodes, is known to kill even those with bluesteel armor, at full health.

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