HF91 Prototype

The HF91 Prototype is an admin-only item in the game. It is an un-anchoring explosive that shifts nearby parts (Other than the ground). This item can only be given by an admin and it is kept in ServerStorage therefore uncraftable and basically non-exploitable by most exploiters.The explosive is a pale yellow color with a decal face and a timer underneath.

The Explosive

The HF91 is set off by clicking the item in any position from a nearby distance (around 7 studs). Once activate the timer goes from "UNSET" to "10" and the dark blue dot on the decal glows bright red to signify that the explosive has been activated.The explosive even pulls players apart therefore killing them even when under the effects of a forcefield or godmode.

The Timer

The timer is what differentiates this explosive from other explosive ordnance such as Gunpowder or a Bomb. When activated the timer changes from "UNSET" into a glowing red "10" and begins counting down, players have 10 seconds to run from the explosive charge, but as most players won't recognize this object they will walk towards it instead. When activated the item is not forageable and cannot be dragged.

How to obtain

Since the HF91 is an admin only item, therefore it can only be obtained from an administrator or an exploiter who puts it into local storage and manages to "make" it. Overall it is a very useful item since players usually won't run from the item if they have never seen it before.

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