Hold your axe by this end.
Recipe *Small Bush Stump x2
Crafting Station N/A
Uses Creating tools

Handle is a wooden item in Survival 303.


The handle is a common item in Survival 303 which is required to make many tools, such as axes and pickaxes. It can be directly made into one of the weakest weapons in the game, a club. The other version of club, the superior battle club, can be made from a large handle. There are three types of handles, the regular handle, the medium handle, and the large handle.

Handles are used in lots of other recipes, and because of this, it can be useful to have spares for faster crafting. They are four studs long, shorter than the medium handle, but the same size, lengthwise, as a large handle. It also is one of the only items that can be created multiple ways, holding the record for the most individual ways to craft the item.

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