Recipe 2x Small Tree Stump, 3x Wall, 2x Plank
Crafting Station Steel Workshop
Uses Storing boats and crafting higher-tier ones

A Harbor is a sea-based building and crafting station in Survival 303.


The harbor is a building used to place boats for safe-keeping, as well as to craft the more advanced boats: the Catamaran, the War Sloop, and the Merchant Frigate. It differs from its stone-tier counterpart, the Dock, in that it can actually protect boats and can be used to make faster and larger boats.
The main feature of the harbor is two areas for storing boats that can be opened by the owner for a moment by stepping on the green button. There are also a few aesthetic wooden structures on the side. Formerly, there was also a small shelter and some long rods, but both were removed in recent updates. The structure is made completely out of wood, so it is recommended to fireproof it if you're planning on actually storing boats in it.
As of the current version of 303, any boat will fit inside the harbor, though you may need some assistance to park larger ships.
Harbors aren't used very often, but they are very useful for making sure your more valuable boats aren't stolen without having someone guarding them 24/7. As long as both the boat and harbor are fireproofed, only people with bombs can steal them. A harbor is also needed to make the two fastest boats and the two largest boats in the game. They should only be placed permanently for settled tribes, otherwise it is more convenient to place it down quickly to craft the boat of your choosing before retooling it. Harbors are also sometimes used to create artificial islands.

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