A nice harbor


Wall + Wall + Wall + Small Tree Stump + Small Tree Stump + Plank + Plank

Skill Requirements

Carpentry 5, Shipbuilding 3


Locking up boats

A Harbor is a building used for protecting boats in Survival 303.


The harbor is a building used for storing boats and as an easy way to get an unlimited number of fishing rods. It is made completely out of wood, and is similar to the dock, except bigger and more convenient.
Some facilities included are two areas for storing boats that can be opened for a moment by the owner, 5 long rods hanging on a wall, a large box for storing fish, and a small shelter. The long rod items can be crafted into actual long rod tools.
Most ships can be stored in the harbor, but large sailboats seem to fit best. Merchant frigates and war sloops, however, are too big to be stored in a harbor, unless the bar between the 2 boat storage areas is burned. Then, one can be squeezed in sideways.
Harbors aren't very well known or used often, but they are very useful for making sure your boats aren't stolen without having someone guarding them 24/7. As long as both the boat and harbor are fireproofed, only people with bombs can steal them. Harbors also have everything a fisherman/woman would need. They are best for settled tribes. Harbors are also sometimes used to create artificial islands.

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