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 Harbor Island
Harbor Island
Harbor Island




 Small trees, large trees, berry bushes, small bushes, flax


 Cave lynx


 Low around the shore, moderate on the main plateau

Bodies of water


Rocks and ores

 Small stones, Iron, and Gold




New Map

Harbor Island is an island in Survival 303.


Harbor island is an island available in the new map of Survival 303. It is elevated on a plateau, and it can be accessed easily by some natural steps. There are two caves on this island, both of which require a light source so that a player can see what's in the cave. One is located very close to the shore, and has 2 cave lynx located within it. The other cave is located on the plateau, and contains iron and gold. There are also flax flowers and berries here, but no direct water source. It is often confused with Horseshoe Island because of the shape and because some players call horseshoe island harbor island.

Survival Tips

  • It might be really difficult to live on this island because the building space is not even close to enough for having respectful buildings placed on it, and the lack of resources makes it tough to create items, buildings and tools.

Pros and Cons


  • Uncommon resources such as, cave lynx meat, flax, and gold.


  • Little building space.
  • No direct water source.
  • Little food.
  • Hostile animals.
  • Spawn location.
  • Frequently inhabited by new players.

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