The green bar represents health


Doesn't decrease when a player is hit with a weapon, but decreases when a player is in a storm or underwater or poison food has been consumed

Health is a stat in Survival 303.


Health is an in-game statistic like hunger and thirst shown as a green bar in the bottom-right of the screen (Not to be confused with the health bar that shows taken damage). Health is related to things such as illness and does not lower with time, but is lowered from exposure to storms, eating burnt food, drinking dirty water (not from a well or water container), drinking deathwater (like water, but lowers your health bar to 0 instantly if drunk, causing death), eating mushrooms or food poisoned by mushrooms, drinking straight poison, and staying underwater (not swimming). You lose health when you are under water and not fully in the swimming form when your stats move. As with other statistics, when Health reaches 0, you have 30 seconds to raise your health before you die. Health not at full capacity will gradually heal over time. Herbal remedies, flax flowers, carrots, and herbs can heal it faster.

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