A nice, spicy herb



Stats gained per portion


Islands found on

Mainland, Flax Island (old map) and Stonewall Island (new map)

Method of Obtaining

Foraging or farming


Making herbal remedies

An Herb is a food item in Survival 303.


Herbs are small green plants found near the rocks of Flax island and within the tree groves of Mainland. Herbs can be farmed at level 2 farming and up on small composts. Farming them on Bento island is extremely useful. Alone, they aren't very valuable, but can be used to create herbal remedies, which give a lot more health and aren't too hard to create. Herbs can also be used to spice up raw bento meat before cooking it, making the final product give you more food quantity. They usually aren't valuable enough to trade with, unless made into herbal remedies.

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