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As of 2013, the Holiday Tree is flammable, and updated with a new design. All of its blocks are anchored, and may be employed as a floating island. Place an ornament (tool) on the tree will make the tree unretoolable. The 2013 Tree can also have a Gift spawn under it.

In 2011 the Holiday Tree is a tree that was introduced at the 2013 Christmas Holiday. During the 2011 event, gifts would spawn randomly at a holiday tree. This led to many players hoarding them in large groups.

The Recipe for the Holiday Tree is: Small Tree Stump + Large Leaves x2 + Small leaves x2.

There are no skill requirements for the Holiday Tree.

Note: All Holiday Trees are considered buildings.

Note: The Holiday Tree is only available during the Christmas Celebration)

Holiday Tree

Updated 2013

2015 Holiday Tree

In 2015, the recipe stays the same, as does to competition for gifts. The gifts give stuff of the same caliber of the gifts you get when you join a game, such as a bluesteel knife! The tree however, is flameproof and bombproof, so you can only kill its owner and take control over the trees instead of directly destroying it.

Large tribes will usually command the largest amount of trees because of their manpower, and depending on the island, which may accelerate or decelerate the rate of production of the trees. Technology also helps tribes protect their ownership of the trees so they can get war-changing gifts. (zippo lighter, unobtainium stuff)