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Sometimes hotkeys are added to the game but due to the small description limit and lack of common knowledge they may be forgotten. A hotkey is a key you can press to quickly perform an action that would take longer to do otherwise.

Backpack hotkeys

Consecutive placing

Consecutive placing of items in the backpack using LeftShift

  • Multiples of the same foraged item can be placed consecutively by holding LeftShift.
  • Pressing E while viewing your backpack will empty all of it's contents.
  • Pressing F with an item selected will empty all multiples of that item onto the ground where your cursor is.
  • Pressing Z will automatically select the search box to search for an item in your backpack.

Crafting hotkeys

  • Z will create a tool out of the ingredients in the crafting GUI.
  • X will process the ingredients in the crafting GUI.
  • C will create an item out of the ingredients in the crafting GUI.
  • Q will clear the ingredients of the crafting GUI.

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