The top yellow bar, decreases slower than thirst

Hunger is a stat in Survival 303.


Hunger is the top yellow stat bar. It goes down over time and is replenished with food, whether as simple as a berry to as hard to make as corn bread. Foods that require more ingredients or more processing give more hunger points and sometimes thirst points. Burnt or raw meat decrease health. There is a food source on the majority of all Survival 303 islands. The farming skill can be used to farm food and domesticate animals so you can produce food on these islands.


In version 6.31 HF, saturation was added in order to balance hunger and make crafted items more valuable in terms of restoring hunger. Your saturation level limits your maximum hunger (shown by the white bar in the hunger GUI) by up to 75%. This means that your your maximum hunger can range from as low as 25 to as high as 100. Your saturation value is equal to your maximum hunger value. The higher your saturation is, the higher your maximum hunger is.

  • When your saturation is at 75% or higher (max. hunger is 75+), only good quality food items[1] will increase it.
  • When your saturation is at 50% to 75% (max. hunger is between 50 and 75), only good quality food items will increase it, but will do so more rapidly.
  • When your saturation is at 25% to 50% (max. hunger is between 25 and 50), any food item will increase it back to 50.
  • Saturation decreases at a rate of 2% per minute.

This means that living off of berries is still possible, but will be much harder to do so as your maximum hunger will be severely limited.

  1. Good quality food items refers to high stat-restoring crafted items such as pies, breads, etc

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