Iron Axe
Iron Axe


Handle + Refined Iron

Crafted at



Chopping trees, melee weapon

An Iron Axe is a tool used to chop trees in Survival 303.


An iron axe is just one step up from the stone axe, while still not being as good as the steel or mithril axes. While axes aren't often used, they become more and more necessary as you progress farther into the game. If you want to create an iron axe, you will first have to build a forge. When in the forge, an anvil will be waiting for you to make some tools on. If you can't find the anvil, look for the shiny brick. When crafting any tools that use metals, you must always use the anvil first in the recipe.

Area Damage Output
Head 50
Torso 25
Leg 18.75
Arm 12.5