Note:This is an event-only item, and is currently unavailable.
Iron Candy Cane
Iron Candy Cane
Shiny Candy Canes?



Stats gained per portion


Islands found on

Goldrock Island

 An Iron Candy Cane is an event-only food item in Survival 303.


The iron candy cane is a special holiday food item found on Goldrock island. It restores 10 hunger and has 1 portion, and grows in groups of three with only one group. Unlike the regular candy cane, it has a gray/silver base resembling iron, while the regular candy cane has a white base. It is a secret food, and is not very well-known. It also has a longer regeneration time than the regular candy cane, and cannot be farmed. It could also make a valuable trade item because of its rarity.

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