Iron Cheese Bin
Iron Cheese Bin
The tool for making Mozzarella


Anvil + Refined Iron + Refined Iron + Refined Iron

Skill Requirements

Smithing 2 Crafting 2


Maturing cheese

An Iron Cheese Bin is a tool used for making cheese in Survival 303.


An Iron Cheese Bin is a tool used for making Mozzarella. To do so you will need to know how to make Young cheese. It takes five minutes to mature Young cheese into Mozzarella. This makes it hard to mass-produce, but you can make many iron cheese bins at a time, maximizing efficiency and creating more cheese. However, Mozzerella is well worth the wait because of the stats it restores once consumed. The cheese bin itself looks like a Milking Pail and Iron Bucket. Today the Iron Cheese Bin is less known in Survival 303, and encountering someone who does know will be quite uncommon. 

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