Archived: The subject of this page has been removed from the game.
Iron Hatchet
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Anvil + Small Stick + String + Refined Iron

Skill Requirements

Smithing 2


Cutting tree trunks, melee combat.

The Iron Hatchet is a tool in Survival 303.


The iron hatchet is a variant of hatchets which in turn are a variant of axes. It is used both to chop down trees and fight players. The iron hatchet is the 4th best hatchet ingame, or 2nd worst, as it has a success rate of 20%. It is slightly worse at cutting trees than its iron counterpart, but it makes up for the lack of efficiency with a higher damage output than the axe,  the hatchet doing approximately twice the damage. The iron hatchet is a rare find, as many players would rather craft a sword for combat and an axe for lumberjacking than employ the gimmick of a hatchet..

Area Damage Output
Head 40
Torso 20
Leg 15
Arm 10

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