This page is designed to organize weapons and tools into tiers- it helps to clarify tool ranking. Certain unique tools like milking pails, cheese bins, and oil filters fit in but are more unique. Expect this to be a long page- I may break it up in a bit of time. These values ARE accurate as I have looked through all of it in the game scripting; and different values on other pages are the false numbers.

Fishing tool "Value" section depends on fishing skill as well. The armor base damage refers to health BOOSTED, not lost.

Tier I: Basic Tier

Counterpart Weapon Name Base Damage Value
Bow Slingshot / Crude Bow 10 / 20 HP 3 Arrows (Start)
Javelin Stone Javelin 20 HP 10 Seconds
Spear Stone Spear 20 HP X
Sword Battle Club / Club 10 / 20 HP X
Knife Stone Knife 5 HP 100%
Waterholder Canteen / Bucket X 5 / 10 Drinks
Firestarter Flint X 20%
Fishing Tool Crude Rod X Low[1]
Axe Stone Axe 15 HP 20%
Pickaxe Stone Pickaxe 15 HP 20%
Light Crude Torch X 2 Minutes
Hatchet Stone Hatchet 9 HP 15%
Armor Leather / Rockma Hide +50 / 75 HP -0 / -1 Speed

Tier II: Moderate Tier

Counterpart Weapon Name Base Damage Value (See Below)
Bow Long Bow 30 HP 3 Arrows (Start)
Javelin Iron Javelin 30 HP 10 Seconds
Spear Iron Spear 30 HP X
Sword Iron Sword 30 HP X
Knife Iron Knife 15 HP 100%
Waterholder Clay Con. / Iron Bucket X 15 / 20 Drinks
Firestarter Firemaking Bow X 33%
Fishing Tool Net X Moderate[1]
Axe Iron Axe 25 HP 33%
Pickaxe Iron Pickaxe 25 HP 33%
Light Oil Torch X 5 Minutes
Hatchet Iron Hatchet 20 HP 23%
Armor Iron / Rein. Iron / Quiver +125 / 175 / 10 HP -2 / -3 / -0 Speed

Tier III: Experienced Tier

Counterpart Weapon Name Base Damage Value (See Below)
Bow Crossbow 65 HP 1 Bolt (Start)
Javelin Steel Javelin 40 HP 10 Seconds
Spear Steel Spear 40 HP X
Sword Steel Sword 50 HP X
Knife Steel Knife 25 HP 100%
Waterholder Steel Bucket X 25 Drinks
Firestarter Flint and Steel X 50%
Fishing Tool Long Rod X High[1]
Axe Steel Axe 35 HP 50%
Pickaxe Steel Pickaxe 35 HP 50%
Light Lantern X 10 Minutes (Refillable)
Hatchet Steel Hatchet 41 HP 36%
Armor Steel / Rein. Steel / Vest +200 / 250 / 75 HP -4 / -5 / -0 Speed

Tier IV: Advanced Tier ~ Speed

Counterpart Weapon Name Base Damage Value (See Below)
Bow Yewbeam Bow 54 HP 2 Arrows (Start)
Javelin Mithril Javelin 50 HP 10 Seconds
Spear Mithril Spear 50 HP X
Sword Mithril Sword 70 HP X
Knife Mithril Knife 35 HP 100%
Waterholder Gold Jug X 30 Portions
Firestarter X X X
Fishing Tool X X X
Axe Mithril Axe 45 HP 100%
Pickaxe Mithril Pickaxe 45 HP 100%
Light X X X
Hatchet Mithril Hatchet 57.5 HP 75%
Armor Mithril / Rein. Mithril +275 / 325 HP -1 / -2 Speed

Tier IV: Advanced Tier ~ Strength

Counterpart Weapon Name Base Damage Value (See Below)
Bow X X X
Javelin Bluesteel Javelin X X
Spear Bluesteel Spear X X
Sword Bluesteel Sword 85 HP X
Knife Bluesteel Knife X X
Waterholder X X X
Firestarter Bluesteel Igniter X 75%
Rod X X X
Axe X X X
Pickaxe Bluesteel Pickaxe X 100%
Light X X X
Hatchet Bluesteel Hatchet X 100%
Armor Bluesteel / Rein. Bluesteel + 340 / 390 HP - 4 / - 5 Speed


Tier V: Illegitimate Tier

Counterpart Weapon Name Base Damage Value (See Below)
Bow X X X
Javelin X X X
Spear X X X
Sword Unobtanium Sword X X
Knife Survival Knife X X
Waterholder Five Gallon Bucket X 35 Portions
Firestarter Zippo Lighter X 100%
Rod Carbon Fiber Rod X Very High[1]
Axe X X X
Pickaxe Unobtanium Pickaxe X 200%
Light Lamp's Lamp X X
Hatchet X X X
Armor Unobtanium Armor + 700 HP + 7 Speed

Unique Items: Tier Placement

These items don't have a unique "class", but fit into the tiers as well.

Item Name Tier (I - V)
Crude Milking Pail Tier I
Milking Pail Tier II
Crude Oil Filter Tier I
Oil Filter Tier II
Ladle Tier II
Iron Cheese Bin

Tier II

Paintbrush Tier I
Unobtanium Paintbrush Tier V
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Value refers to a certain tool attribute- like portions held, success rate, and time it can be used.