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 Jungle Island
Jungle Island
Teraphyx Island 2.0




 Large trees, small trees, bushes, yew tree, carrots, berries, and moss




 Low, slightly elevated near the center

Bodies of water


Rocks and ores

 Small stone and coal deposits




New Map

Jungle Island is an island in Survival 303.


Jungle island is a new island available only in the new map of Survival 303. It contains many trees and has little building space. It is located in a corner of the map, with the closest islands being Snowpeak and Harbor island. This island also contains a tree that is much like the Tree of life on Mainland on the old map.

Survival Tips

  • This island contains many trees, including a yew tree and the Tree of Life. It also contains teraphyx, though a settler can easily trick them into getting stuck in the shallow part of the sea.
  • This is not suitable for villages or farming, as there is very little space.
  • If you plan on permanently settling here, you should probably either take up boat building, or lumber trading, as there is not enough room to do much else. Fishing is also a possibility.
  • Occasionally, a player may come to the island to kill the teraphyx. It is strongly advised you don't interfere, as they will be powerful and easily capable of dispatching you if they do not do so on arrival.
  • A Long Bow makes an excellent weapon for a long term settler, as it does not require any ores, and uses materials found abundantly on the island. A Woven Vest can also be created without too much difficulty, allowing for good protection, walkspeed and additional bow strength.
  • To gain more space for buildings, place down a few docks or harbors.

Pros and Cons


  • Isolated.
  • No spawn.
  • Uncommon resources (moss, Yewtree, teraphyx).
  • Rarely inhabited (But for a good reason).


  • Teraphyx are aggressive animals.
  • Little building space.
  • Little food.

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