Archived: The subject of this page has been removed from the game.
The ladle being held.


Refined Iron + Refined Iron

Skill Requirements



Collecting Stew

  The Ladle is a tool used in Cooking in Survival 303.


The Ladle is a tool that was added along with the Cauldron on 6/13/2013.

The Ladle is used to serve Stew from the Cauldron into a Clay Bowl, making it edible. To move the Stew, click on the Cauldron with the Ladle, and then click on a (empty) Clay Bowl. You can then eat the Stew inside the Clay Bowl.
The Ladle is considered a container, so if you drop it, like any other container, it will break. You can not drink from it, unlike the other containers, and it cannot contain water (Unless you make a snow water stew, or glass of water stew).

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