Large Sailboat
Large Sailboat
The third-fastest boat in-game
Recipe Large Hull + Large Tree Stump + Sail x2
Crafting Station Dock
Uses Sea vehicle, transporting a large amount of people

A Large Sailboat is a sea vehicle in Survival 303.


A large sailboat is a boat that is used to transport a large amount of people faster than a merchant frigate. It has a total of six seats in it which include the driver's seat, making this boat useful for larger tribes who want to move around quickly. However, it is a big ship that attracts attention, so fireproofing is recommended. It is also recommended to put this boat in a fireproofed harbor, for it is often stolen.


  • This is the 3rd fastest boat, only slower than the catamaran and the war sloop.
  • This boat is sometimes called the Viking boat.


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