Large Tree
Large Tree
The Large tree, the only source of large tree stumps.

Islands Found On

Mainland, Bento, Paradise, Teraphyx, Magma, Plateau, Crescent

Method of Obtaining

Chopping with an axe or hatchet


Large amounts of large leaves or for Shipbuilding

Large Trees are a plant in Survival 303


The Large Tree is the only source of Large Tree Stumps (excluding the Tree of Life). One tree also has 12 large leaves, though to obtain them, a hatchet or axe must be used, which makes them harder to obtain than leaves off small trees. Each large tree also yields 2 large tree stumps. The only use for the large tree stumps obtained from large trees is for various boats in Shipbuilding, creating 8 planks in a lumbermill and making walls.

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