Life Seed
Life Seed
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Stats gained per portion


Islands found on

Old Map: N/A
New Map: N/A

Method of Obtaining

Asking admins/hackers, or farming existing seeds


Food item, Trophy, Farmable moss source, Aesthetic tree

Life tree
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A Life Seed is a food item in Survival 303.


The life seed is an admin only item that can be exclusively farmed on fertile large composts (large composts don't work) at level 10 farming. After it is planted, it will take much longer to grow than other crops, and produces a fancy tree with much more detail than normal trees, including a moss "floor", small sticks and a large canopy. On this tree there will be exactly 9 new life seeds, which can also be planted.

The item itself looks like a red egg, and is extremely rare owing to the high farming-requirements and the difficulty of getting a seed to start off with. It is speculated that the life seed is used in a crafting recipe to obtain other "Life" items, however such recipes have not been found nor confirmed.

The hunger points gained from eating the life seed is random.