Long Bow
Long Bow
The middle tier of bows


Med Handle + String + String

Skill Requirements

Carpentry 3, Crafting 4


Ranged fighting / Sniping

A Long Bow is a ranged weapon in Survival 303.


The longbow is the third best bow in the game, beaten by the crossbow and yewbeam bow. The damage is low, but it is easier to make. Using different types of arrows may increase its damage output at a higher cost.   

Making a long bow is advised for people living in places where iron or steel arrows cannot be produced, as it deals decent damage to unarmored players at a low cost. If, however, you plan on using steel then a crossbow is advised instead.   It is advised to bring one of these with 6 arrows in case of a full scale raid.

Base Damage Default Ammo Iron Arrow Steel Arrow Reload Range Max DPS
Long bow 30/36* 10 (Arrow) 20 30 10/5.2** 100/140* 19
*  Using Woven Vest
** Using quiver

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