Every tribe needs one


1 Refined Iron + 1 Boulder + 3 Wall + 1 Fabric + 1 Iron Gear

Crafted at

Iron Workshop


Making planks and woodchips, Increasing efficiency of woodwork

A Lumbermill is a building in Survival 303.


A lumbermill is a crafting station. It is used to craft planks and woodchips. Woodchips, created by putting a small bush stump into the lumbermill, fertilize composts so they produce more crops, and grow faster. Lumbermills are also a necessary building in the game to make certain items, as well as being used to create wooden objects more efficiently. For people who are afraid of the lumbermills "exploding" (planks being stacked too much and bursting out) walls can be put under the lumbermill before it is placed on top, creating much more room for planks.

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