Lynx Fur
Lynx Fur
The orange fur.

Islands found on

Old Map: Mainland, Goldrock Island
New Map: Crescent Island

Method of Obtaining

Kill a Field Lynx



Lynx Fur is an item dropped by a field lynx in Survival 303.


Lynx fur is gained upon the death of a field lynx. The item has little use in the game apart from being an essential crafting item in the quiver recipe. The fur has a welded texture on one face, giving it the ability to stick to surfaces. It is the same size of a small bush stump (2x2x2), and is often found on the seabed behind Goldrock island, where the lynx from the island have fallen off the edge and drowned. This is one of the easiest ways to obtain lynx fur.


  • Although the lynx is a tanned orange colour, the fur in item form is bright orange; the reason for this is unknown. (Very likely to be an mistake.)

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