Size Huge
Plants Small trees, large trees, bare bushes, and herbs
Animals Cows and Lynx
Elevation Low with several mountains
Bodies of Water Multiple ponds
Rocks and Ores Iron, Coal, gold, Sulphur and small stones
Spawn? Yes

The Mainland is an island in Survival 303.


There are 4 "regions" of this massive island, with different resources. The oil Patch is the region surrounding and on the picture below (south) of the oil patch which is located in the inland sea. The spawn is the area immediately surrounding the spawn areas of the island, including the westmost cave on the island. The center is the buffer zone that is too far from any spawns to be part of The Spawn, and too far from the Oil patch to be part of the island. It is seldom settled due to its unadvantageous location. The mountains are various areas consisting of several groups of mountains. They are near the oil patch and the spawn locations, but are so different from the other areas that they deserve to be called another part(s) of the island. The south west has the lonely lynx.

This island has the ominous Deathwater cave. In the cave, you will find deathwater, mushrooms, and moss. Mushrooms can be grown in the moss

Survival Tips

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  • The cliffs make a great place to live as they are easy to defend and can be found near any of mainland's resources, meaning you can live atop one while still being close to your chosen area.
  • It is a good idea to make a well early on, as there is little water once you head toward the southern part of the island.
  • Fast carts will drastically reduce travel time when collecting wood, water, metal, or any other resource.

Pros and Cons


  • Lots of building space
  • Cliffs make for easy defense
  • Uncommon resources (mithril, chrome)


  • Spawn point
  • Very commonly visited/settled
  • Water is only found in one half of the island
  • No coal

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