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Masonry (Skill) is a very helpful and useful Skill. You use it to create all the Stone and Sandstone Structures (ie. Stone Hut, Sandstone Hall, Shop, ect.)
Small Stone

The Small Stone, the basic item in Masonry.


Sandstone, a natural and crafted resource.


A Pile of Sand.

Small Stones, Piles of Sand, Boulders, Cut Stone(Both of these can be found spawning naturally, but need to be mined with a pickaxe), and Sandstone (crafting with sandstone may require a bigger level). These can then be used to create Boulder, Cut Stone, and sandstone which can be used in many structures and items, such as a Sandstone Hall, Sandstone Hut, Medieval House etc. Masonry is a key skill for medieval tribes, such as the last picture shown. It can be used by the greatest warriors of the game too.

The necessities of becoming a warrior is first a Forge. Then you could advance to a Smeltery if you want.



Craftable Buildings & Items
1 Boulder, Sandstone, Sandstone Seat
2 Stone Wall, Stone Slab, Sandstone Brick
3 Sandstone Wall, Statue, Stone Longhouse
4 Stone Hut, Well, Bakery, Sandstone Hut, Sandstone Well,


5 Sandstone Hall, Smeltery
6 Stone Hall, Medieval Wall, Medieval Tower, Medieval Gate,

Medieval Corner Base, Medieval Support Base, Hollow Medieval Tower

7 Lighthouse, Shop, Medieval House

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