Medieval Gate
Medieval Gate
The famous medieval gate.
Recipe Stone Wall x3 + Wall
Crafting Station Steel Workshop
Uses Blocking doors, fort entrance

A Medieval Gate is a stone defense building in Survival 303.


The medieval gate is an advanced stone building. It's a very good door and a great way way to keep intruders out of your base, and it's one of the most important parts of a castle/medieval tribe. It's quite easy to make as long as you have the skills and supplies to make them. It's the most vulnerable part of a classic medieval fort but it still has a great defense to bombs and flaming gunpowder.


  • It's a great thing to use to keep people from coming onto Plateau Island without asking
  • It's opened and closed by walking into the brown button in the front of it opening a GUI to open or close
  • The gate will open for a short time when you click close even though it is close
  • There is a known glitch where you open the gui and retool the gate, making the gui staying until you reset.

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