Medieval Half-Wall
Medieval Half-Wall
The chopped down medieval wall


Stone Wall + Stone Wall

Skill Requirements

Architecture 6, Masonry 6


Defense, Increasing Architecture

A Medieval Half-Wall is a building in Survival 303.


The medieval half-wall is basically a medieval wall halved. It is not a real useful building, as with the same skills and only one more stone wall to create a normal medieval wall. But if you are in a real need of some sort of defence, and only have two stone walls, it is advisable you create a medieval half-wall, just a temporary building until you can get the resources for a normal medieval wall. This is also a good building to create if you are living on the cliffs of Mainland or on Plateau island, and want to keep a uniform look to the walls, as sometimes, regular-sized medieval walls cannot fit. It is fireproof, but it is not bombproof, as are all stone walls.

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