Merchant Frigate
Merchant Frigate
The war sloop's lazy brother.
Recipe Large Hull x2 + Large Tree Stump x3 + Sail x2
Crafting Station Harbor
Uses Showing Off, Custom Boats, Mass Transportation

A Merchant Frigate is a boat in Survival 303.


The merchant frigate is one of the largest boats in the game, tied with the war sloop, and can only be built in a harbour. By burning the masts and sails off (making sure to fireproof the rest first), you can place many things on the deck of the boat, such as crafting stations, wells or even catapults. Make sure to align it with the stud grid however (drive it into a corner), as otherwise the buildings will be loose, and likely to fall off. Catapults cannot be securely attached to the boat like buildings, and will probably fall off if you try to move, but this can be circumvented by placing the catapult on the deck after you arrive at your location rather than before you set off.

The frigate can be a pain to park into your harbour, as the button can end up not lasting long enough for you to get into your merchant frigate and drive it back in, but this can be avoided if you have a trusted friend to help drive the merchant frigate.

It is inferior in most ways to the war sloop, needing more wood and travelling slower, though one redeeming factor is that it contains (marginally) less parts, so fireproofing is quicker. Another interesting feature is that it is the only boat with two sails that can be painted, so if you want to give your navy a more unique identity, you can use multiple colours.

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