Portions 1
Stats Gained Per Portion 1/5/0
Islands Found On Mainland
Method of Obtaining Milk a cow
Uses Drink, making young cheese

Milk is an item made by cows in Survival 303.


Milk is harvested with a crude milking pail or a milking pail. With the pail in hand, click an udder on a cow (the pink block under the cow) and wait. Milk can be drunk plain, or put into a glass. When eaten alone, milk restores 1 hunger points and 5 thirst points, while the glass of milk restores 2 hunger points and 8 thirst points. Milk can also be turned into young cheese. For merchants, traders, and bakers, milk is a valued item. Trap where most of the cows spawn and sell the milk for a high price, or barter for it.

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