Miking Pail
Milking Pail
If it looks like and uses the same items as the iron bucket it's still not a bucket.


Anvil + Refined Iron + Rope

Skill Requirements

Crafting 3


Milking Cows

A Milking Pail is a tool in Survival 303.


The milking pail is a farming tool used to milk cows. They're easy to make, but however are rarely used due to the low stats given when drinking milk, however it is superior to the crude milking pail because when you use it you get double the amount of milk from each harvest. Repeatedly milking a cow with the milking pail is a great way to raise your farming skill without the hassle of planting items over and over again.
To use the milking pail you must first find a cow on mainland or Farmer's Island. Once you have found a cow, equip the milking pail and click the cow's udders (in between the back legs). The process of collecting milk takes a while, and you must stay close to the cow during this time. The easiest way to do this is by standing on the cow's back and repeat the process till you're happy with the results. The higher the farming skill, the less time it takes to milk a cow.

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