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Wall + Wall + Large Leaves

Skill Requirements

Carpentry 3


Grinding wheat bundles into dough, grinding corn

A Mill is a building in Survival 303.


A Mill is one of the most important buildings in Survival 303, required to produce Bread, an important food that can be easily made in bulk. The Mill is a small wooden tower with a windmill on one side, a ladder on another side, an opening in the top, and another opening at the bottom. When a wheat bundle or corn is placed in the top opening, it falls through and wheat bundles are transformed into Flour, and corn into Corn Meal, which appears at the bottom opening. Flour is an important ingredient in Berry Pie, Apple Pie, Bread and Corn Bread, and Corn Meal is used in Corn Bread, hence the name. Despite featuring leaves in its recipe, the Mill is the only building that does not feature leaves as part of its design. Wooden Huts and Granaries both feature leaves as part of their design, but not the Mill, which shares their recipe. If you happen to fall in a mill through the top, the only way to get out is to retool it.

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