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1 Boulder + 2 Stone Wall + 2 Plank + 1 Fabric + 1 Iron Gear

Crafted at

Iron Workshop


Grinding wheat bundles into dough, grinding corn

A Mill is a building in Survival 303.


A Mill is one of the most important buildings in Survival 303, required to produce Bread, an important food that can be easily made in bulk. The Mill looks like a tall silo, but with a windmill spinning behind it. There is 1 entrance that leads in the “grinder” of the mill. It is a crafting station, so you have to stand near it to make things. When a player steps inside the mill, he/she can craft Wheat Bundles and Corn into Flour and Corn Meal. Flour is an important ingredient in Berry Pie, Apple Pie, Bread and Corn Bread, and Corn Meal is used in Corn Bread, hence the name. It is difficult to fireproof, as the pieces that spin must be fireproofed, and so must be the spinning part. Despite featuring leaves in its recipe, the Mill is the only wooden building, other than the lumber mill, that does not feature leaves as part of its design. Wooden Huts and Granaries both feature leaves as part of their design, but not the Mill, which shares their recipe.

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