The second strongest but lightest metal in game.

Islands found on

Mainland, Desert, Spire, The Volcano, Snowpeak, and Crescent

Method of Obtaining



Mithril tools and weapons

Mithril is a metal in Survival 303.


Mithril is an extremely rare mineral that's found in 2 locations, out of 6 possible locations, per server. The locations are hard to get to, and even harder to take control over. Mithril ore requires a Steel Pickaxe or better to mine. It is used to create mithril tools, which are a faster yet weaker alternative to bluesteel tools. It is dull purple in color, which might cause it to be confused with dyed leather armor. When smelted it acquires a metallic shine, just like other smelted ores. It is recommended to smelt in private areas as your valuable ores could be snatched by someone who happens to be in your forge.

It is the second strongest and the lightest metal. If you see someone with mithril armor on, it's recommended to try and avoid that person unless they are friendly. The recipes for mithril tools are similar to those of other metals (iron and steel), but mithril armor and swords require refined gold in addition to the two pieces of refined mithril.

It takes about 15 minutes to respawn.


Refined Mithril used to be transparent and white in color. It was likely changed to purple because the white mithril equipment looked too much like steel equipment.

The colour of both mithril ore and Refined Mithril may be a refence to RuneScape, and in that game Mithril is a gear type that is moderatly powerful.

Mithril as a concept, is first mentioned in The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien in 1937, is actually a shiny silver metal with a worth "Ten times that of gold". Also note that "Mithril" is also simply an elvish name, the common tongue referring to it as "Moria-Silver".

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