Mithril Knife
Mithril Knife
The 2nd strongest knife, the mithril knife


Anvil + Refined Mithril + String

Skill Requirements

Smithing 5, Crafting 3


Cutting bread, creating a welded texture

A Mithril Knife is a tool in Survival 303.


The mithril knife is the 2nd best non-admin knife in the game next to the bluesteel knife, it is used to add a welded effect to certain wooden objects that make them "stick" to any terrain enabling you to climb up tall hills and castle walls. Although it has a decent base damage of 35HP, it has a short range. When it is used to cut bread, it gives five slices, for a total of 100 hunger points.

Area Damage Output
Head 70
Torso 35
Leg 17.5
Arm 26.25

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