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Mithril Ore
Mithril Ore
Almost as important as the stone it spawns on.

Islands found on

Old Map: Mainland, Spire Island, and Desert Island

New Map: The Volcano and Crescent Island

Method of Obtaining



Useless until smelted.

Mithril Ore is an ore in Survival 303.


Mithril Ore is the rarest ore. It is only found in three areas that all require a light source. Every tool made from it either has no failure rate or does very high damage. It is useless until smelted, and once this has been done, it becomes Refined Mithril. Mithril takes significantly longer to regenerate than most resources, with a regeneration time of 20 minutes, equivalent to the Lifeberry. However, it does not have as long a respawn time as the rarest non-admin item, Soggy Bread.