Mithril Spear
Mithril Spear
A mithril spear


Anvil + Med Handle + Refined Mithril

Skill Requirements

Smithing 5, Carpentry 2


Hunting, raiding

A Mithril Spear is a long-range melee weapon in Survival 303.


The mithril spear is one of the best weapons for melee combat, because it can instantly kill people without armor. The base damage is 50HP, which makes it very dangerous to be near someone with it. A person with leather armor can survive a headshot from it. It has a longer range than the sword. When fighting players with a mithril sword, it can be a good idea to bring along one of these, as it has a higher range.

Area Damage Output
Head 100
Torso 50
Leg 37.5
Arm 25

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