Mithril Sword
Mithril Sword
Recipe Refined Mithril x2 + Refined Gold
Crafting Station Smeltery
Uses Powerful weapon

A Mithril Sword is a weapon in Survival 303.


The mithril sword is the second most powerful sword in the game, capable of killing players instantly if hit to the head. To craft it, you will need a smithing level of six, equal to the requirement of a gold jug and mithril armor.

It is not mass-producible, unlike steel (which remains a great weapon) but can easily intimidate players.

Area Damage Output
Head 126
Torso 63
Leg 47.25
Arm 31.5


  • It was considered the best weapon in game in terms of damage, but is now behind most of the bluesteel items. It has the same damage and speed as the bluesteel hatchet

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