Black and brown makes purple?


Oil + Wet Clay

Skill Requirements



Making dye

A Mixture is a crafting item in Survival 303.


A mixture is a material in Survival 303 that is a key component of dye. It is a very uncommon material, as it is not needed for any recipes that affect the core game and, as such, exists for the sole purpose of aesthetics.

In order to make dye, you must put it in the black brick at the top of the dye maker. Then, with a filled bucket, click the same black brick. Finally, you need to acquire the material you want to make a dye out of (For instance, a berry can be used to create a purple dye). You can do any of the previous steps in any order. If you see that all the glass compartments in the dye maker are filled/half full, click the tap over the bucket to confirm the making of your dye. Take a paintbrush and click the fluid in the bucket and now you will have dye in your paintbrush, and you can now paint sails, people, private doors, and a few other items.


  • The creation of dye in a dye maker is similar to the creation of actual dye.