Moss in its purest form.

Islands Found on

Old Map: Mainland
New Map: Jungle Island and Catacomb Hill

Method of Obtaining



Farming Mushrooms, making Stainless Compost Bins and crafting Woven Vests

Moss is a raw material in Survival 303.


Moss, found in Deathwater cave, and lying around on Jungle Island on the new map, is used to farm mushrooms, requiring level 10 farming to do so. Most people do not know much about mushrooms or moss, as Deathwater Cave is well hidden. Moss is also used in making the woven vest, meaning it isn't just for chemists and master farmers. If you don't plan to grow any mushrooms or make a woven vest, it can make a nice carpet. Keep in mind that moss is quite small, so it may take many.

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