Filling, melt-able, delicious, and overall vegetarian.
Portions 4
Stats Gained Per Portion 40/0/0
Recipe Use an iron cheese bin on young cheese
Crafting Station N/A
Uses Very good food item, stat value-wise

Mozarella is a food item in Survival 303.


Cheese and/or Mozarella is one of the rarest foods in Survival 303. This is largely because few know how to make it, and fewer go to the trouble of doing so.

To make it one must have access to cows, a milking pail and an iron cheese bin. One must milk the cow with the milking pail to obtain milk. Then, the milk needs to be cooked over a fire until it turns a light yellow-beige. This is young cheese. It is cheese, but it only restores 1 hunger point and 5 thirst points. To make this more nutritious, the iron cheese bin must be used on it. When used, the cheese will disappear, and begin maturing. After it is finished maturing, it'll appear in your inventory as Mozarella. It is quite nutritious, as it restores a total of 160 hunger points.

When creating mozarella, it is advised to have many cheese bins, as mozarella takes a very long time to mature, and having many cheese bins will allow you to create far more mozarella every time it finishes maturing. Young cheese takes 3 minutes to turn into mozarella.

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