The two sizes of mud


Wet a Pile of Dirt

Skill Requirements



Mud Wall, Seats

Mud is an item used in various buildings in Survival 303.


There are two types of mud; A small pile of mud, and a large pile of mud. A small pile of mud can be obtained by using a water container on a small pile of dirt. A large pile of mud can be obtained using two ways, by using a water container on a large pile of dirt, or by crafting two small piles of mud together. Piles of dirt can be found on only three islands, which are Mainland, Teraphyx Island, and Spring Island. Piles of dirt, whether they be small or large, are used to create piles of mud, which are used in making mud walls, which are an incentive to making mud buildings, which are fireproofed by themselves. Except for the roof

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