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Mushroom is a food item in Survival 303.


Mushrooms are an elusive plant found only on three islands. It is a great idea to use mushrooms as a substitute for poison because it has exactly the same effect. Poison is overrated because of this. They have uses ranging from biological warfare strategies to petty revenge. It is fatal when eaten alone. It's recommended only to eat a mushroom when you have at least one herbal remedy to stop it from killing you, and only as a last resort as it only restores 1 hunger. Mushrooms can only be planted on Moss Compost. Poisoning food is useful for revenge on people who have wronged you. To troll your victim further, poison a remedy and give it to them, to say sorry about poisoning the food. If you happen to come across a new player, it's often easy to convince them to eat a mushroom by telling them it is not a poisonous one, and that it will restore a large amount of hunger points—although far easier ways to kill an inexperienced player, and mushrooms are expensive, not to be wasted on new players passing by.