Recipe String x3
Crafting Station Primitive Workstation
Uses Catching multiple fish at once

A Net is a fishing tool in Survival 303.


A Net is a fishing tool used to catch multiple fish at one time. The fish are usually small and up to 5 fish can be caught at a time. Eels, sardines, mackerels, king crabs, tunas, and salmons are commonly caught in them. A Net cannot catch any fish bigger than Salmon. You can use this to get your fishing skill up, then you can use a long rod to catch the bigger fish like swordfish and bugsharks. The net is a necessary tool for fishermen as they can be used to mass-produce fish, and a great tool to have on an island with no or little natural food. It should also be noted that they seem to have a shorter range than the other fishing equipment, being incapable of functioning on top of the average plateau on Mainland.

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