Oil Filter
Oil Filter
Someone holding an oil filter.
Recipe Wet Clay + Hemp + Rope
Crafting Station Quality Design Table
Uses Refining Oil

An Oil Filter is a tool in Survival 303.


The oil filter is an improvement of the crude oil filter. The oil filter is the best oil filtering tool in the game at the moment. When you have the tool selected, click on crude oil (Which needs to be foraged first!) This will make the crude oil go into the filter. The tool name will then change into Processing ...  when the tool name returns to its old state. The filtered oil will be placed in your backpack which is used for advanced structures such as the bakery and lighthouse. It can also be used for the lantern or oil torch, the best lightsources there are.
You could make a lot of these so that you can mass refine oil, then you can sell them to islands distant to the oil spill such as Magma island. The recipe is a bit tedious to make, so it is recommended that you make one when you join the server.

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