Onions on Paradise
Portions 1
Stats Gained Per Portion 5/0/0
Islands Found On Paradise, Plateau, Crescent and Rockshard
Method of Obtaining Foraging or farming
Uses Food, Stews

An Onion is a food item in Survival 303.


Native to only 2 islands on each map, onions are one of the uncommon foods to obtain. On Paradise, they are on the same shelf as the mine. On Plateau, they are found on the two separate cliffs, which can be accessed through the main grounds by stone slabs and ladders. On Crescent, they are found on top of the hills, close to the carrots, and on Rockshard, they are found at the very top of the rock body in the center of the island. Onions need level 1 farming to plant, so you can farm them right after you join the server. Each one produces an onion and an onion shoot, which is useless. Onions only grow in small composts, and have a self-contained seed, so they don't need to be turned into a seed. Onions can be eaten by themselves, or can be used in stews. They can be useful for showing off a versatile farm. The onion shoot heals one health point.

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