Archived: The subject of this page has been removed from the game.
Overhang Bay
Overhang Bay
Size Large
Plants Small trees, large trees, bushes, berries, prickly pears, yew tree
Animals Rockma
Elevation High in the cliffs, low near the water
Bodies of Water None
Rocks and Ores Coal, gold, and small stones
Spawn? Yes

Overhang Bay is an island in Survival 303.


Overhang bay is a large island with 5 parts. The first part is in front with a few trees, bushes, and a spawn point. The second part is a large walled off area with nothing in it. The third area is behind the second with a yew tree, a large tree, and some prickly pears. This section leads to the bay. The bay is a large hollow area in the center of the island that is rarely visited and leads to the back of the island and into the ocean. The fifth area is on top of the island and it has two coal and two gold deposits. This is the only place where you will find rockmas on the new map.

Survival Tips

  • Bringing food and water is a good idea, as there is little to eat on the island.
  • The walled off area connected to the stone beach is a good area to set up a village, the area can be easily be fully walled off and is protected from sight and spawnpoints.
  • This island, like many others, lacks iron deposits, meaning a village will be hard to defend. If going solo however, bringing your own iron is a feasible plan, as you don't need much.

Pros and Cons


  • Natural defenses
  • Easily defended with bows
  • Only place with rockma on the new map
  • Large open area that's great for farming
  • Sufficient building space in the enclosed section
  • Yew Tree


  • Little food
  • Spawn point
  • Often inhabited
  • Two entrances to the enclosed area
  • Even though there is sufficent space in the enclosed area, there isn't very much
  • Easily breached due to the mountains on the right side of the island (Photo above)

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